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  • Is Cardiff Halloween Festival different to last years Cardiff Pumpkin Festival?
    Yes. Our event is bigger and bolder this year. With our name change, we are able to embrace Halloween and have created some fantastic new attractions and experiences this year, alongside some returning favourites. Please view our event pages to see what we have in store for you this year.
  • Last year's site was really muddy. Have you done anything to improve this?
    Yes we have! For the carpark we have put down additional stone roads and pathways. On our festival site we have designed everything around pathways that connect all of our attractions and experiences - meaning you do not need to go onto the grass areas unless you wish to. This doesn't mean that the paths themselves won't get muddy however, due to thousands of muddy boots walking along them! Of course our pumpkin fields are still, by their very nature, muddy!
  • Are there more undercover areas and seating this year?
    Yes! We have a lot more picnic benches and straw bale seating areas this year. We also have a larger live entertainment area that is all under cover. We have additional under cover activities elsewhere on site as well.
  • Is parking available and is it free?
    Yes, parking is free. Please note that our parking area is on a grass field which can get muddy when wet. Vehicles and belongings are left at the owners risk, and we do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents. Please make sure you don't leave anything valuable in your car. In the unlikely event that your car does get stuck in extreme weather, we have vehicles on standby to tow you out.
  • Is there drop off / pick up available?
    Yes there is. Please tell our carpark attendants that you wish to drop of or pick up and they will direct you where to go.
  • Is there disabled parking?
    Yes there is. Please show our carpark attendants your blue badge and they will direct you.
  • When should I arrive and how long can I stay?
    For our DAYTIME FESTIVAL you are welcome to arrive any time during the advertised opening times and you can stay for as long as you like until closing. Last entry is 1 hour before the advertised closing time. For our TWILIGHT and SCARE FEST you must arrive within your pre-booked time slot. If you arrive late for your time slot we will do our best to allow you to enter the event, although unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Once on site, you can stay as long as you like until closing.
  • Will the festival be open if it rains?
    Yes! As we are a farm, we are equipped for all weather - but don't forget your wellies & raincoats!
  • Will we need waterproofs & boots?
    The weather in October can be rainy, therefore waterproofs and boots may be a good suggestion. We have added path ways on site between all of the main attractions this year, however we do still expect some mud. We have some undercover areas incase of rain on our event site, but the main pumpkin fields and festival site are open to the elements.
  • Will you be holding Quiet Sessions?
    Absolutely! We currently plan on hosting quieter Daytime and Twilight sessions. We will announce these dates in due course. In the meantime, please email for more information. In these sessions music will be turned down, any planned loud noises will be turn off and the site capacity will be reduced. We also have a quiet space on site for guests to spend time away from the festival if needed.
  • Do you have a quiet space?
    Yes we do. If you feel you would like to make use of this space for your family please speak to our event staff on site.
  • How accessible is the site?
    We would like our site to be accessible for everyone, however the festival takes place on uneven ground with a mix of grass and (in our pumpkin fields) mud. This may cause issues for those with restricted mobility, especially when wet. We have accessible toilets on site.
  • Are there toilets on site?
    Yes, there are toilets on site
  • Are there baby changing facilities?
    Yes - There is a changing unit in the disabled toilet.
  • What is the difference between the Daytime and Twilight Festivals?
    During our Twilight Festival the atmosphere is a little more spooky. The characters you meet will be different, our stage shows will change and you will have the additional experience enjoying the festival under the moonlight! Please note that both our daytime and twilight festivals are primarily aimed at families. If you are looking for something more extreme then our SCARE FEST is the perfect event for you!
  • Can I pay by card on site?
    We welcome both cash and card on site
  • Are the PYO Pumpkins edible?
    Oh yes.... all the pumpkins have been grown by Farmer Gourd with the the greatest of care. Enjoy!
  • How much will the pumpkins be?
    Once you have picked your pumpkins we have size rings which will determine the price. We are delighted to be able to drop our prices for 2024 pumpkin buying. This year they will range between £1 for our smallest to £6 for our largest.
  • How will I get my pumpkins from the field to my car?
    We have wheel barrows available to help you transport your pumpkins around.
  • Do you allow fancy dress?
    We love to see your creative costumes! However, for security reasons we ask that no masks, or hoods are worn and that no imitation weapons/large props are brought as part of your costume. If you do arrive with any of these items, they will be confiscated by security.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Only service dogs are allowed. Dogs will not be permitted, even if the dog is in a handbag, on a lead or in a wheelbarrow! Please leave them at home.
  • Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?
    To guarantee entry we strongly suggest you book tickets in advance. If we have availability on the day we will happily welcome you at the gate, although there is no guarantee that we will be able to do that. Please check our website before you visit to ensure an event you wish to attend is not sold out online. If it is, we unfortunately have no capacity on site for extra visitors.
  • If an event is showing as sold out online, will there be tickets available on the door?
    No! If an event is sold out online we are at maximum capacity and will be unable to accommodate any walk-ins. Please do not turn up if you do not have a valid ticket as, regretfully, we will have to turn you away.
  • Can I swap my date?
    Yes you can. Tickets can be swapped up to 24 hours before your session is due to start. To do this please log into your ticketing account via your confirmation email. There will be a £2 service charge for ticket exchanges. We are unable to process exchanges manually via email.
  • I can no longer attend. Are tickets refundable?
    Unfortunately not. Once purchased, tickets are not able to be refunded. You can however exchange your ticket for another date, up to 24 hours before your booked event starts. Please log into your ticketing account via your confirmation email to make the exchange. There will be a £2 service fee charged for ticket exchanges.
  • What is your smoking policy?
    Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed on the main event site or pumpkin fields.
  • Do you have first aid on site?
    Yes we do. There is a medical team on site. If you require first aid assistance, please contact a member of staff.
  • Is Scare Fest different this year to last year?
    Absolutely! The Veiled Coven is returning with a few new scares. Biohazrd Apocalypse has been totally reimagined, renamed to Outbreak: District 19 and has tripled in size to become a full length scare attraction. We are also excited to be bringing a new full length scare maze to the festival - Frau Totenreich's Circus of Screams! On top of this, we have exciting new entertainment, walk about actors and a brand new, bigger and bolder fire show for you to enjoy! Finally, we have listened to feedback and are excited to be bringing some thrill rides to our funfair this year. Check out our event page for more information.
  • Is there an age limit?
    This event is NOT FOR CHILDREN. We recommend no child younger than 14 attend this event. Parental guidance is advised and no child under the age of 11 will be admitted to the site. We will not issue refunds if you are refused entry due to bringing a child younger than our recommended age. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. We advise that the event is primarily designed for over 16s.
  • Do you allow fancy dress?
    We love to see your creative costumes! However, for security reasons we ask that no masks, or hoods are worn and that no imitation weapons/large props are brought as part of your costume. If you do arrive with any of these items, they will be confiscated by security.
  • Do the actors jump out?
    Yes, they do! Their aim is of course to give you the ultimate scare experience.
  • Will the actors touch me?
    Our actors will not intentionally touch you. You must NEVER touch our actors. Failure to comply will mean you are asked to leave the festival immediately.
  • Are there flashing lights, smoke and special effects?
    Yes, our Scare Mazes feature flashing lights, strobes and special effects. If you have any conditions that may be affected by these factors, you can still enjoy our festival with a 'Scaredy Cat' ticket, which will grant you access to everything aside from our Scare Mazes.
  • Is there any running to be done?
    Running is not allowed in our Scare Mazes. Whilst the fear may make you want to run, it is not safe to do so. Keep moving forwards.
  • Does it matter if I have a medical condition?
    If you, or anybody in your party, have a history of medical conditions that include heart disorders, pregnancy, claustrophobia, photosensitive forms of epilepsy, back disorders, diabetes, arthritis or asthma then please consult a GP or medical professional about your planned attendance.
  • What can I do if I am pregnant?
    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, tight spaces and uneven flooring, we do not recommend our Scare Mazes for pregnant individuals. There is still lots to enjoy though, including our live entertainment, games, pumpkin patch and food and drink offerings. You can purchase a Scaredy Cat ticket instead of the full priced ticket for this.
  • Is this event suitable for disabled access?
    Please note, while we will do our best to ensure our main site is wheelchair accessible, our Scare Mazes may not be wheelchair accessible due to the terrain and setting. Please email for further accessibility information on our Scare Mazes.
  • Does bad weather affect the event?
    This is predominantly an outdoor festival, with some undercover areas and indoor attractions. We will remain open through bad weather, unless the weather is of such an extremity that we need to close the site due to health and safety reasons. We reserve the right to shut individual attractions due to operational or safety reasons, but if the majority of the site remains open then we will not offer return tickets or refunds. If we need to close the entire site then we will offer all ticket holders another date to come back.
  • How long should I allow?
    We recommend that you allow at least three hours for your visit to allow time for queuing and to go through our attractions, get a bite to eat and drink, pick your pumpkins and enjoy the atmosphere of the event!
  • What time do you close?
    Our Scare Maze queues close at 10.15pm. The site closes at 11.00pm.
  • What should I wear?
    Cardiff Halloween Festival takes place in open fields in October! We cannot guarantee you will not get dirty! We do not recommend you wear your best going out clothes as no damage to clothes will be compensated for in any circumstance whatsoever. Wrap up warm, wear sensible footwear and dress appropriately. Some evenings can get very chilly!
  • What type of footwear is suitable?
    Our event site is uneven grass and earth therefore flat, comfortable (and possibly waterproof!) shoes or boots are strongly advised.
  • Is there first aid on site?
    Cardiff Halloween Festival has a medical team on site whenever we are open to the public. Entering our Scare Mazes is high risk; slips, trips, bumps and falls due to uneven and muddy ground are possible. Cardiff Halloween Festival accepts no responsibility for injury. Please follow the rules present at our Scare Mazes and walk don't run.
  • Can I bring a large bag?
    Large handbags/rucksacks are not permitted inside any Scare Maze. We do not have a baggage hold facility and do not recommend you bring large luggage items. Cardiff Halloween Festival does not take responsibility for damage caused to baggage in any occurrence.
  • Is there the option of purchasing a carer ticket?
    We do have carer tickets available for purchase on our ticketing pages. You WILL need to bring proof of your entitlement for this ticket. Proof includes: 1. Entitlement to Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 or DLA/Personal 2. Independent Payments (PIP), either in the form of a letter stating that the benefit has been awarded, or the actual Allowance book 3. Attendance Allowance or Carer’s Allowance letter of award 4. Incapacity Benefit books, or a letter notifying the recipient that the benefit has been awarded Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) 5. In the case of visual impairment, a registration card known as the BD8 or a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) 6. A local authority registration document which is local to the attraction where it is being submitted 7. A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card 8. Credibility’s Access Card (plus 1 icon) 9. Hynt card and/or Access card 10. Blue Badge
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